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GUIDELINES FOR PHOTO POINT REPLICATION 1. Know where you are going: Study Forest Service and treasure maps and know routes before leaving. 2. Leave information regarding where you will be and when you expect to return with someone at home (be sure to check in with them when you return!). 3. Equipment check list: Camera (extra batteries) Treasure maps, with photos Tonto National Forest map Notepad, pencils, clipboard Compass (if needed) GPS unit (recommended) Food, water, sunscreen, etc. 4. Use treasure maps, photos and GPS coordinates to locate sites; make a note of any inaccuracies you find. 5. If there is no photo point marker (fencepost, paintmark, etc.) on the site, use previous photo to find exact location (line up trees, rocks or other landmarks with skyline and each other). Take your time! EXACT DUPLICATION of the previous photo is the key to the success of this program! 6. Lighting: Early morning or cloudy overcast days are best for taking pictures. When in partial shade, if you are using a camera that you can adjust settings on, first focus on the shade to set your light meter, then move camera back to line up photo. If in doubt, use your automatic setting, then take another shot at a higher f-stop and slower shutter speed. 7. Each photo point will require one to several photos. Take two shots of each photo. 8. Take notes of any changes that need to be made on the Treasure Maps or any other comments you may have about your photo points. Observations about the area, such as livestock or wildlife sign, vehicular disturbance, unusual wildlife sitings, invasive plant or animal species, etc are of interest, and can be turned in with a short note with your name and photopoint name in the title. 9. If you are unable to locate a site, take notes, giving as much information as you can about why you were unable to locate it. Go on to the next site. Sometimes backtracking will help locate the lost site. Don't take photos unless you are certain you are in the right spot. Random photos of an area are of no value. 10. When you return, download your camera to the dropbox website that has been set up for you, then return the maps to your District Photopoint Coordinator as soon as possible. If you have more sites to do, return only the maps you've completed, and download the photos you’ve taken so they can be processed for addition to the Friends website. 11. Congratulate yourself on a job well done – one that will help the Tonto manage its important riparian resources!

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