The Woodbury Fire burned more than 100,000 acres north of Superior, mostly within the Superstition Wilderness. The Tonto is keeping a careful watch on the burned area to monitor the health of the Forest.  Friends will be assisting the Tonto with the post fire monitoring by using the Riparian Photopoint protocol to take repeat photographs.  The photographs will provide the Forest with a record of changes to the riparian areas over time.  

We have been requested to photograph specific riparian sites in the Woodbury fire area before December. Being located in the Superstition Wilderness, most of these sites do not have easy access.

Training for monitoring will be at 7:00 PM on Monday, October 14 at the Mesa Fire Station #218, 845 N. Alma School Road in Mesa.  Be sure to fill out the registration form below before you come!  This will make it easier for us to assign a site to each volunteer at the training session.  

If you would like more information about this project, email Patti Fenner

For more information about the annual Riparian Photopoint project which occurs every Spring, click here.