Help Friends inventory water sources on the Tonto that have been constructed for use by livestock and wildlife.  The three types of developed water sources to be inventoried are:

  • windmills with troughs
  • springs with concentration boxes constructed at the spring source, a pipeline that gravity-flows water to a trough and/or large storage tank
  • stock tanks, small earthen ponds that have been dug out in drainages to collect runoff water

The data collected will be used to create an accurate map of water locations and information about their construction. The map and information will be used for future environmental analyses as well as for the adjudication of water rights by the State of Arizona. Throughout its history, the Tonto has applied for hundreds of water rights. The Forest needs current information on the developments at every water source in order to maintain these rights. 

A 4WD high clearance vehicle will be necessary on most of the Forest Roads that lead to the sites.  In addition, some sites will require short hikes.  

We recommend that this activity for at least two participants working together.

Data collection will be done on your own schedule with a smart device and a free app call “Collector”.  You may use your own smart device or borrow one from Friends.  

One training session was held on October 17 in Mesa. Additional trainings will be in Globe, Payson and Cave Creek. If you would like to be notified when those trainings are scheduled or would like additional information about this project contact Patti Fenner,