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Volunteers enter here to post hours in Volgistics.

Friends of the Tonto NF

Logging Time with Volgistics


Friends of the Tonto NF volunteers are playing an increasing role in the management and maintenance of the Tonto National Forest.  Their energy, dedication and time are invaluable assets.  Our efforts are recognized and appreciated, but without accurate records of time spent, it is hard to quantify.  This becomes particularly important as we develop partnerships and seek funding.


To make it easy for volunteers to input their time/activities we share a cloud based database called Volgistics with the Forest Service, Mesa Ranger District.  Volunteer time can either be input by the Administrator or preferably directly by the volunteer by logging in to Volgistics.  Volunteers need to attend an Orientation and sign a Volunteer Agreement Form prior to any activity.


Each regular volunteer should have an E-mail and Password used to enter their time.  For a Temp Password and instructions for logging in, contact the FOTNF Volgistics Administrator, Bert Roy at


Activities are tracked by Assignments and by Ranger District.  There is a list (attached/below) that identifies these Assignments along with categories.  If you do not see an assignment that conforms to your volunteer activity, please let Bert know.  He will add it to your user profile and advise you via email.


Group Activities are generally input by the Group Leader or the Administrator using the Sign-in forms.  Also for past hours, it is easier to batch input through the Administrator.  Just let Bert know the hours by month, and the Activity.



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