Natural Resources

Friends of the Tonto supports the Forest Service with their role of managing the many Natural Resources of the Tonto NF. 

The Riparian Photopoint project monitors the changing status of many riparian areas. The project gives volunteers the satisfaction of helping while visiting unique areas of the Forest. 

A multi-national effort to restore Monarch butterfly habitat by planting milkweed has given great pleasure to groups, families and people of all ages. 

Learning to identify and map the locations of Non-Native Plants and participating in removal projects are more activities that provide a sense of accomplishment for many clubs, students and community members. 

Join us,  we have an opportunity for you!

Cultural Resources

Cultural Resources represent the collective heritage of the Nation. The Tonto National Forest has a particularly rich cultural heritage. There are thousands of prehistoric and historic archaeological sites on the Forest. The oldest sites stretch back nearly 12,000 years into the past. Friends has the experience and expertise to assist the Forest in its mission to protect and manage these fascinating and important resources. Friends provides such services as archaeological survey and site recording, ruin stabilization, and maintenance of interpretive sites.

In its educational role, Friends is also able to provide public interpretation of these sites. Every spring Friends offers a free guided tour at our Sears-Kay Ruin Open House.