Sears-Kay Ruin is a free use public interpretive and recreational site on the Cave Creek District of the Forest. It offers day-use picnic facilities and a self-guided trail. The ruins are a stone masonry Hohokam hilltop site from the 12th century. FOTNF maintains the day-use area, the trail, and the ruins and provides interpretive brochures to complement the on-site signage. Every year in March we hold an Open House at the day-use area and our resident archaeologist provides guided tours through the ruins.

Spring 2021 Volunteer work at Sears-Kay

After two devastating fires over the Sears-Kay Ruins during the summer of 2020, FOTNF volunteers had their hands full rehabilitating the trail and the site during the Spring of 2021. Take a look at what they accomplished!

2021 Sears-Kay Open House, March 8