Think of membership as a way to support management of your National Forest, the one that’s closest to you, where you like to spend time. National Forests are notoriously underfunded, and they need your love and attention. If this is important to you, we invite you to become a member. Funds go directly to our projects and operations. 

Membership entitles each member to vote for board members each fall. In addition, membership allows you to run for board and officer positions. Annual membership dues and donations are tax-deductible, and you will receive a receipt for tax reporting. Your membership will be up for renewal annually, on the date you become a member.

Annual individual membership dues$25
Annual family membership dues$35
Annual organization membership dues$40
Junior membership dues (under 18 years)Free

To join, simply fill out the Membership form. You may also use this form to renew your membership.