You don’t have to become a member to participate as a volunteer on any of our projects. Furthermore, anyone can attend our board meetings, read minutes from past board meetings, and even be on our mailing list for periodic updates.  

Why become a member?  

Think of membership as a way to support management of your National Forest, the one that’s closest to you, where you probably like to spend time.  Board members and officers of Friends are all volunteers.  All funds donated or brought in as membership dues are used for projects on the Tonto.  Additionally, Friends applies for grants to help accomplish projects on the Forest.   Above all we have fun working together with other people who enjoy being outdoors as much as we do!

What does Friends do?

Because Friends’ members have a variety of backgrounds, interests and passions we have lead a wide range of projects on the Tonto including

  • planting milkweed to help in the international effort to provide habitat for migrating Monarch butterflies
  • mapping and removing invasive species that carry extremely hot wildfire through the Sonoran desert, an ecosystem not adapted to wildfire
  • working with adjacent communities and agencies on issues that impact the Tonto
  • improving trails and trail signage
  • installing interpretive signs
  • staffing booths to bring public awareness about the Tonto National Forest
  • adopting cultural resource interpretive sites
  • assisting with environmental monitoring including monitoring recovery after the Woodbury Fire

Its easy to become a member

Our membership dues are small. Membership for junior members under age 18 is free!  Most of all, we’d like your participation – sign up for our mailing list, follow our Facebook page, check our website calendar for events and sign up for them. Come out and spend time giving back to the Tonto National Forest.  National Forests are notoriously underfunded, and they need your love and attention.  If all of this is important to you, we invite you to become a member!

What do you get with membership?

Membership entitles each member to vote for board members each fall. In addition, membership allows you to run for board and officer positions. Since dues and donations are tax-deductible we will send you a receipt you can use for your tax reporting.

Individual Membership$25
Family Membership$35
Junior MembershipFree
Organization Membership$40

Please note that Junior memberships only require filling out the above form and do not need to pay below.

Membership Type