Chronolog Monitoring Sites

On March 19, Friends, in cooperation with AZ Wild, set up 2 Chronolog upland monitoring sites on the slopes above Arnett Creek, west of Superior. Matthew Smith at the Globe Ranger Station provided us the posts and post driver, pre-drilled holes in the
signposts, and gave us the hardware needed to post the Chronolog signs. East Valley Backcountry Horsemen came out with pack horses to haul in the equipment. Chronolog is a method of monitoring landscape changes by crowd-sourcing photographs by anyone who sees the post and sets their smartphone in the bracket to take repeat photos. Photos emailed to the Chronolog website are assembled to show time lapse changes. If you are hiking, biking or riding the LOST (Legends of Superior) Trail along Arnett Creek (north of Picketpost Mountain), look for our 2 Chronolog signposts! Set your smartphone in the bracket, take a quick photo, and email it to the website on the site. When you get home, take a look at all the other photos people have submitted.
Purpose of these photos is to track recovery of the watershed after the 2021 Telegraph Fire, and to monitor success of native tree, grass and cactus plantings by AZ Wild volunteers.