Outdoor Safety Class Recap

On November 5th, FOTNF hosted a class focused on Outdoor Safety led by Tyler Lovelady with the Central Arizona Mountain Rescue (CAMRA). Tyler gave us an overview of how Search & Rescue teams operate and many helpful tips on how to stay safe when recreating in the outdoors. A lot of attention was given to preventing getting yourself in a situation where you are lost or injured. The old adage “prevention is the best medicine” certainly applies to safety outdoors! Some good questions to ask yourself before your next outdoor adventure are below.

  1. Do you have enough supplies to last a night in the wilderness?. CAMRA’s list of 12 Essentials for you to put in your hiking pack are as follows:
    • Navigation (map and compass)
    • Sun Protection (hat, sunglasses, sunscreen)
    • Insulation (extra clothing)
    • Illumination (headlamp or flashlight)
    • First-aid supplies
    • Fire (matches/lighter and firestarter)
    • Repair kit and tools (including knife)
    • Nutrition (extra food)
    • Hydration (extra water)
    • Emergency Shelter (min. 2 large trash bags)
    • Signaling (whistle, cell phone)
    • Personal (glasses, prescriptions)
  2. Can you respond positively to an accident or emergency? Having some basic first aid training and supplies can go a long way. CAMRA offers Wilderness First Aid training every other month. Learning map and compass skills are very beneficial, especially if you are recreating in areas with little to no cell service. CAMRA does offer a map and compass navigation course twice a year.
  3. Does someone know where you went & when you should be back? Whether you are hiking solo or with a group, tell someone where you are going and the estimated time you’ll be gone with as much detail as possible such as trail names and destinations. Share the clothes you are wearing, and any gear you bring. This helps Search & Rescue teams narrow down the location to look, and gives them visual clues. CAMRA has a handy form you can fill in and give to a friend.