Cave Creek District Planting Event

As part of the Milkweed for Monarchs program, 50 rush milkweed seedlings were planted near
the Cave Creek Ranger Station on Saturday, October 28. Friends of the Tonto volunteers were
joined by members of the Sierra Club Saguaro Group
and students from the Glendale High School
Conservation Society. Cave Creek Ranger District staff
also contributed their time to auger and pickaxe
planting holes on Friday and assist volunteers on
Saturday. Thank you all for your help!
All milkweed plants were grown from seed by FOTNF
volunteers this summer, and they’ll be watered and
tended for the next year to help them get established.
The goal is to provide critical habitat and breeding
ground for migrating monarch butterflies.

Photos by Patti Fenner, Tyler Kokjohn and Susan Sridharan