Mesa Ranger District Planting Event

The MIlkweed for Monarchs program for the Mesa Ranger District now includes the new Larry Forbis Group Recreation Site along the Lower Salt River. This is a beautiful site, with plenty of tree coverage to protect the 50 new plants as they get established over the next year. 

The Cave Creek Ranger District staff stepped up on Friday, November 10, and augered 50 holes. They appreciated the sand after the hard, dry ground in Cave Creek.

On Saturday, November 11, we had a great crew of 20 volunteers show up to get the new plants into the ground. KB Home showed up in force, and along with Friends of the Tonto volunteers, we were able to get the planting done in record time. To bolster the habitat for the migrating monarch butterflies, we scattered native nectar plant seeds throughout the planting area. Over time, this area should provide critical habitat, and become a sustainable breeding ground for the monarch migration.